Thursday, August 21, 2014

1600 Miles Down, 800 To Go

Lawrence, Kansas

Yesterday, we took a much-needed break from the road in the historic town in Eastern Kansas, where abolitionists from Massachusetts settled more than 150 years ago to ensure that Kansas would remain a Free State. And this place is personal too. It was 20 years ago almost to the day that Tom started taking classes at the University here and it was 10 years ago (Labor Day weekend 2004) that he dropped to his knee and proposed to Lindsay! And now: a short stop on our way to Detroit! A lot to celebrate.

Early Monday morning, we packed up as much stuff as we could cram into our '07 Toyota Corolla and hit the freeways. We've enjoyed stops in Grand Junction and Highlands Ranch, CO, visiting our dear friends Dale & Stacy Fredrickson, as well as our godchildren Trey (8) and Iree (5). The last two nights we stayed with our good friends Brandon & Tiffany Parker (and 9-year-old Cole) and, this morning, we embarked on a 600-mile journey to Hamilton, OH to visit Tom's godmother Cheryl McKee and her daughter Shannah Morris (with husband Tony and their children!). Our ETA for Cecil Street in Detroit is tomorrow (Saturday) early afternoon!

We covet all of your thoughts & prayers for safe travel & final preparations of heart, mind, body and soul for this rebirth of location & vocation. We have been saturated with love and support from so many friends and family. This communal & spiritual adrenaline has powered us forward. Thank you for being with us. Your solidarity will continue to be vital for the long haul.

Muchos Besos y Abrasos Hasta La Próxima Semana,
Lindsay & Tom


  1. Inspired by and excited for you both. Looking forward to the updates and the visits this next year(s)...lots of love and thoughts with you guys.

  2. We love and support you guys from your old stomping grounds!! ; ) we are proud to be a part of your team as you begin the journey in your new home and neighborhood tomorrow afternoon! Love, S,K&R

  3. It was such a blessing to see both of you in Sonoma before you left on your journey--perfect timing! We are so thankful you were able to take part in the wedding--Tom officiating and Lindsay as a stand-in groomsman. I'm really looking forward to your updates. Love you two!! PS--like the dark hair Linds--way to blend :)

  4. Debbie, I figured the dark hair will blend in better next time I need to stand in as a groomsman. ;) Love you all & thank you for all the love & support!